car dealers pay well for required dmv vehicle verifications

A “vehicle verifier” is a person not expressly excluded by Section 675.6 who inspects, records, documents, and submits to the department, or its authorized representative, such proof of vehicle identification as may be required by the department for the purpose of registering or transferring the ownership of vehicles.

your car dealer bond is critical to getting your car dealer license

1. Auto dealer bonds reinforce industry regulations.   Since they’re required before auto dealers can apply for their licenses, auto dealer bonds fall into the license and permit surety category. Government agencies that regulate a wide array of industries establish license and permit bond requirements as a way to ensure …

avoid the salvage surprize

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become a wholesale auto broker with

Autobroker s Endorsement An autobroker’s endorsement requires payment of fees as required by subdivision (d) of Section 9262 of the California Vehicle Code. A dealer may not engage in brokering a retail sales transaction without having an autobroker’s endorsement to their dealer’s license. Upon issuance of an autobroker’s endorsement to a …